OEM program

Get the most out of your machine and unleash its maximum potential by leveraging the power of GPU computation and the AI-based build processor.

  1. AI Buil Processor

    Additive manufacturing is considered one of the great innovations of the manufacturing industry. The high annual growth rate reflects its future viability. Nevertheless, cost-intensive and consumptive try-and-error processes are frequently found.

    With our AI build processor, we transform the trial-end-error process into a first-time-right print. We use state-of-the art machine learning to enable timely and optimized pre-processing, which results in a huge enhancement of production yield.

  2. GPU Accelerated Hybrid Kernel

    The market is asking for increasingly complex product designs. Finer structures are expected in combination with per-voxel controls, saving time and improving performance. At the same time build volumes and printer resolutions are increasingly rising.

    We offer solutions that enable the capability to handle complex geometric queries while maintaining geometric integrity leveraging our GPU Kernel.

About our OEM Engagement program

1000 Kelvin is committed to supporting OEM with cutting edge solutions to enhance quality, reduce scrap and accelerate the digital workflow through our APIs. Our direct OEM engagement program allows 3D Printer Manufacturers to test and integrate 1000Kelvin technology into their printer ecosystem within a very short time.

Our engagement with OEM follows the following three iterations to integrate our technology in both in development or available machines in the market.

  1. Identify systems in your portfolio that will benefit the most from our software technology
  2. Bespoke development and calibration of our technology to your system
  3. Develop a licensing and delivery model that will seamlessly integrate with your existing portfolio of software solutions and platforms

Our program is open to manufacturers of all sizes including Enterprise 3D printing OEMs of powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition.

Contact us to today and find our how we can partner to bring 1000Kelvin into your ecosystem.

Our benefits

OEM program
Our company specialists are highly qualified in their field and are able to cope with projects of any complexity.
OEM program
Software development and integration according to customer requirements.
OEM program
Technical support during implementation and maintenance stages.
OEM program
Guaranteed privacy of our customer data.
OEM program
Simple integration of our software into the target system.