Beyond buzz - How AI will concretely help you scale your Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) operations


Unveiling AI’s Transformative Role in Reshaping Additive Manufacturing: Real-World Insights and Practical Applications with AMAIZE

Additive Manufacturing offers unparalleled opportunities for innovative designs and applications. However, companies have yet to fully harness its potential due to the manufacturing complexity that often results in quality concerns and wasted materials.

1000Kelvin has developed an AI-driven solution, AMAIZE, to address these challenges and ensure first-time-right outcomes in additive manufacturing.

Register for our webinar to discover how our clients have eliminated uncertainty from the AM process and consistently achieved first-time-right quality.

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Our Speaker

Omar Fergani Ph.D.

As the Founder and CEO of 1000Kelvin, Omar leads the company with his extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering. Holding a Ph.D. from NTNU and Georgia Tech, his research focused on residual stresses in laser powder bed fusion. Omar’s expertise led him to senior positions at Siemens and MKS Instruments, where he spearheaded advances in additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing.

Recognized as an industry leader, Omar has received numerous accolades, including the SME 30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Manufacturing Award and the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers Award. With a keen interest in harnessing artificial intelligence to tackle critical manufacturing challenges, Omar is dedicated to innovation and progress in the industry.

As a prolific researcher and inventor, Omar boasts an impressive track record, having published over 30 journal articles and secured more than 10 patents in the realms of additive manufacturing and algorithmic development.

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