first-time right additive manufacturing

One-stop shop AI solution to predict near real-time print issues, perform corrections, and generate industrial-grade, ready-to-use print file specific to your machine.

From Trial-and-error and Finite Elements to AI-Powered First-Time Right

Our AI software enables the 3D printing of complex parts without defects, ready to be qualified and cost effective.

Increase your OEE & Yield

Eliminate high-scrap and increase the usability of your printer thanks to our predictive capabilities.

Repeatability & Quality

Speed up the qualification process, enhancing repeatability at the planning phase. Achieve consistent and homogenized mechanical properties.

Cut costs & wastes​

Predict and eliminate printing defects, select actionable correction strategies and reduce materials consumption, energy wastage and CO2 emissions.

Smarter Better    Faster    Additive Manufacturing

The future is AMAIZE'ing

AMAIZE is an AI-powered all-in-one solution making complex additive manufacturing risk free for design, manufacturing and quotation engineers.


AI enables AMAIZE to make analysis and corrections in an extremely short time (minutes) compared to traditional solutions that require days

Easy to use

Intuitive, simple and friendly solution requiring no installation and integrated deeply with our OEM partners


One-stop shop to accelerate AM learning curve, predict and correct defects, generate OEM files for execution, and calculate build time, costs, and risks.

Supporting US

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AMAIZE is perfect for innovative and R&D driven organisations willing to lead LPBF.

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