Your AI co-pilot for quality & repeatability in AM

One-stop shop AI software to predict near real-time print issues, perform corrections, and generate industrial-grade, ready-to-use print file specific to your machine.


From Trial-and-error and Finite Elements to AI-Powered First-Time Right

Our AI software enables the 3D printing of complex parts without defects, ready to be qualified and cost effective.

AMAIZE is an AI-powered all-in-one solution making complex additive manufacturing risk free for design, manufacturing and quotation engineers.
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AI enables AMAIZE to make analysis and corrections in an extremely short time (minutes) compared to traditional solutions that require days

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Easy to use

Intuitive, simple and friendly solution requiring no installation and integrated deeply with our OEM partners.

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One-stop shop to accelerate AM learning curve, predict and correct defects, generate OEM files for execution, and calculate build time, costs, and risks.


What our customers say

“We needed a way to increase our yield for LFPB. AMAIZE does exactly that”

“We had this problem... AMAIZE solved it by... Now we are able to....”

“We decided to partner with AMAIZE in order to provide our customers with the possibility to... ”


The use case utilizes a design provided by the Finnish research institute VTT, where in the original report the pipe-like structures failed due to insufficient support structures in the top flange area.


AMAIZE identified a region prone to global overheating due to multiple critical vectors stacked with a medium angle overhang and inadequate support. This caused a print failure, but AMAIZE corrected the print strategy, leading to a successful part.


AMAIZE enabled cost-effective and fast iterations, reducing engineering time and costs compared to traditional methods involving multiple prints and design adjustments.


In this use case the a zig zag structure in 316L material, built flat on the build plate, failed while printing. The traditional Finite Element Method (FEM) cannot predict this type of defects that strongly depend on the details of the scan path.


AMAIZE predicts the problematic short vectors efficiently and provide correction to those vectors. The applied correction strategy offers the solution to the problem. After correction the
critical short vectors are now non-critical and the overall correction shows less number of
critical vectors and lower high temperature concentration.


This case study successfully demonstrates AMAIZE’s capacity to identify critical regions which are not captired by Finite Element (FE) analysis and correct parts within a short period of time leading to first-time-right print.


How does AMAIZE work?

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1000 Kelvin is supported by the ProFIT program of IBB with the goal to research and develop the AMAIZE platform. This project was co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE)


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