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Project based

Engineering Service

We use AMAIZE and our expertise in printing to help you reduce cost-per-part (CPP) and non-recurring-engineering (NRE)

  • Unlock printability of complex geometries
  • Enhanced component quality and integrity
  • Reduce amount of supports and post-processing
  • Reduce cracking
  • Comprehensive detailed report
  • Checkmark We deliver optimized print recipe (Print file)
  • Checkmark We support printing 316L, IN718, IN625, Ti64, AlSi10Mg, Copper, 17-4PH to prove our solution

Got question?

Does AMAIZE train on my data?

No, AMAIZE is pre-trained by 1000 Kelvin for every material model available.


Does AMAIZE dynamically modify print parameters?

No, AMAIZE predicts print issues and optimized the print file upfront.


How does AMAIZE connect to 3D printing systems?

We work together with machine OEMs and integrate through their API. The integration is then tested extensively before going into production.


Can I choose which parameters to lock and which ones to change?

Yes, AMAIZE is effectively an AI co-pilot and the user is always in control of what happens.


How long does a prediction and correction require?

Depending on the build job size, it can take between few minutes to few hours.


Can I qualify parts printed with AMAIZE correction?

Yes, you can qualify parts printed using AMAIZE by simply locking the parameters specified by your qualification requirements.

Do I need to install any hardware?

No, AMAIZE is a Software-as-a-Service. All you need is a log in.