AMAIZE November 2023 - Advanced 3D viewer

Advanced 3D Viewer: extended functionalities and enhanced user experience


Dear AMAIZE user,

we have just released the Advanced 3D viewer functionalities in AMAIZE unleashing new capabilities for those who want to use the copilot to reduce the amount of support or understand their design in early phases. We are happy to count designers now as part of our community. Discover the new features at the link.

We have also prepared a short training guide, and a 7 minutes training video.
If you have any questions or inquiry, contact us at:


3D viewer

Visualize in 3D the heatmap of the entire build job, thus enabling a fast identification of the most critical areas in the part, before and after correction. This is a game changing feature for those who want to use the power of AMAIZE to reduce the amount of support structures or provide feedback to their design teams.

Inspect internal vanes

For parts having internal vanes AMAIZE Advanced 3D viewer now enables to zoom inside those areas, thus identifying critical regions. This is used especially by customer who want to reduce support structure in areas where machining could not be used. Think an O&G OEM trying to print casted parts.

3D Cross-sections

Users can now created cross-sections directly from the 3D model, from all 6 sides: front-back, left-right, top-bottom.

We will continue innovating and developing features and technology to bring the AI capabilities to our AMAIZE copilot and accelerate your success.

Dr. Omar Fergani

CEO and Founder

1000 Kelvin GmbH


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